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In Store Music

When you have an In Store Music program at your place you take total control of everything your customers hear. You own the sound waves. It's better than having your own radio station.

You not only get to choose the music but the only messages played are your messages, your promotions and news of your store events. There are no competitors' ads like you might hear on the local radio. No nasty lyrics from risque rap songs! And no bad news stories putting out negative "vibes".

Your In Store Music program will contain the announcements and messages you want your customers to hear while they are browsing around your place.

You might like to have messages drawing attention to a special store event. Or use them to support your current ad campaign. They could promote an end of season sale or you could arrange a joint promotion with a supplier. So many opportunities!

The messages your customers hear will be produced to the highest quality standards. They will feature professional male and female voice over artists and be expertly written and produced in our state of the art recording studios.

The messages will be heard sporadically throughout the program. Together we will determine the number of times and the time of day that customers will hear the messages.

Your customers won't be hit with a barrage of intrusive advertising. Instead the messages will be woven into the In Store Music program to form a seamless presentation of music and information.

Every In Store Music program is created to entertain and relax customers while they are browsing. The program also aims to inform with messages about your current promotions, special offers and store events.

Like the messages, the choice of music will be determined based on your customer's and you. The style of music will be based on the customers' demographic profile and the genre of music they are known to prefer. The individual music play lists will be assembled by our experts working closely with you.

You may already have a fair idea of the music style that appeals to your customers. As part of Media Group Pty Ltd, the business audio specialists, we understand how sound works. Together we will be able to create a little magic with In Store Music at your place.

We aim to see you get the maximum benefits out of your In Store Music program. The sort of benefits you see in repeat business, better word of mouth promotion and bigger numbers on the bottom line. Then when you share the story of your success with other business owners, we know that too will be music to our ears!

To have a listen to some samples of the messages we have created for other In Store Music programs click here.