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In Store Music

Imagine being able to take control of the music or any advertisments that a customer will hear while browsing and shopping at your place.

Having In Store Music at your place gives you this sort of total control. You decide the music and messages playing to your customers.

They are not going to be blasted by any songs with "language warnings" or forced to hear bad news headlines. There won't be any risque lyrics roaring out of iTunes. And best of all, no radio station playing advertisments sponsored by a rival business.

With In Store Music all the tracks are risk-free! They are all chosen from our extensive library of Royalty Free Music. You won't find any undesirables in our catalogues and all the tracks will have been selected by you and our music experts.

The Royalty Free Music used with In Store Music programs also helps you save. That's because it doesn't attract any of the compulsory annual fees that Australian businesses who have music playing normally have to pay to APRA and PPCA.

Along with controlling the music selected, you also choose what messages will be heard in store. We will write and record the messages according to your instructions. They will be recorded in our state of the art Gold Coast Studio and read by professional male and female voice talent.

Because we are part of Media Group, the business audio specialists, the messages on your In Store Music program will be written and produced to the highest quality.

With an In Store Music program playing your customers only hear the music and messages you have approved. There will be no other advertising. There'll be no political announcements. No government messages. The only thing your customers will hear is the music tracks you have chosen and any information you have included in your store events and product promotions.

An In Store Music program puts you in the driver's seat. And anytime you need to change a message you can do everything online at the click of a mouse.

If you'd like to know more about getting In Store Music at your place start now by arranging a 30 DAY FREE TRIAL, click here.