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In Store Music

Discovering the impact In Store Music can have at your place has never been easier. Now you can have a 30 Day FREE TRIAL and judge it for yourself.

This is a real trial offer. Not just an off-the-shelf program, but a genuine program created just for you. Now you have the chance, with no cost and no obligation to see, hear and feel how well an In Store Music program can work for you.

You don't really know how In Store Music works until you try it for yourself. But we know it works gangbusters!! That's why we are making this FREE OFFER.

We are confident you'll be so convinced of the powerful merchandising opportunities an In Store Music Program provides, you'll be placing your order well before the 30 Day Free Trial has come to an end.

The aim is for you to experience the closest thing possible to a fully produced In Store Music Program. We will create your 30 Day FREE TRIAL using music and messages designed to target the profile of your customers.

Your customers will be hearing music tracks selected from our extensive Royalty Free Music library along with some advertising and promotional messages written and produced especially for your Free Trial program.

With this Free Trial Offer you are under no obligation to place an order. We will send you the equipment with the Free Trial Offer program. It's just as easy to use as a CD player. You simply connect the In Store Music player unit into the shop's sound system and hit the start button.

After 30 days you have the option. You can subscribe to continue with your own full In Store Music program. Or you can choose to return the equipment sent for the Free Trial and that's the end of the matter.

Along with the specially written promotional messages your Free Trial program will include music tracks chosen to appeal to your customers. The music is from our library of Royalty Free Music.

If you choose to subscribe to In Store Music, the Royalty Free Music we use does not attract any of the on-going annual fees levied on Australian businesses by APRA and PPCA.

We will write and produce the messages at our studios on the Queensland Gold Coast and they will feature some of Australia's best professional male and female voice artists.

It's true to say we are pretty confident you will quickly recognise the positive impact In Store Music will make at your place. If we weren't so sure we couldn't make this Free Trial offer.

We hope that well within the 30 Day FREE TRIAL period you will become a regular subscriber to In Store Music and begin to enjoy the bottom line benefits of this remarkable merchandising system.

To arrange a 30 Day FREE TRIAL of In Store Music, click here.