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In Store Music

With In Store Music you get to play disc jockey!! Well you may not have to bump and grind and spin each track, but you do get to choose the playlists.

To make sure the music your customers hear at your place is the sort of music they prefer and to make sure there is nothing to offend a listener, the individual tracks will be chosen from our library of Royalty Free Music.

With our Royalty Free Music playing you also avoid the cost of paying annual fees to PPCA and APRA.

You'll soon appreciate there is a vast choice of music available, and we don't anticipate you will have time to go through the entire catalogue. Therefore we will work with you to select the tracks that should appeal to your customers.

You will probably find getting to know our music library is loads of fun especially with help from our experts. Pretty soon you'll be creating playlists that are tailor-made for your customers.

Our experts will help you sort out the various styles of music in our library categories. And then review the playlists to make sure they stay up to date. We will also keep you in the loop when new tracks are being added to our catalogues.

To take a quick listen to some samples chosen from our Royalty Free Music libraries, click here.