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Menu Prompts

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Sometimes referred to as an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Menu Prompts save time and labour in directing incoming phone calls. They usually sound something like this "Press 1 to speak with the Sales Department; Press 2 for Accounts Payable; Press 3 for Service..."etc.

It's easy to see the advantages of having Menu Prompts. The incoming call is answered automatically and no staff member is required to forward the call to the correct department. Callers also appreciate the extra level of confidentiality that an IVR connection provides.

The Menu Prompts or IVR's that we produce are supplied on a file format ready to upload to your phone system. For companies with multiple tiers we will supply a number of separate files to make it easy for your phone technician to programme your phones.

Your Menu Prompts form another part of your company's communication with customers. So it's important they sound well written, well read and thoroughly professional. It's not good enough to have the "guy from Accounts" knock them up on his iPad just to save a few bucks. They should be read by a professional voice artist and be recorded in a proper studio.

Because we are part of Media Group Pty Ltd the business audio specialists, we understand how much damage can be done to your company image by taking short-cuts with how your company sounds!

We make recordings of the highest quality for all our clients. Our teams of trained Copywriters and experienced Producers work with a variety of male and female professional voice over artists.

All you need to do is tell us the basic details and we will send you a draft script to approve or amend prior to recording.

Prior to the script being finalised you can select a male of female voice artist to read you Menu Prompts. We have uploaded samples of our voice artists for you to listen to and make a choice. If you are pressed for time you have the option to let our producers select the voice talent on your behalf.

When properly written and recorded Menu Prompts help to streamline your telephone answering. They help present your company in a thoroughly professional manner.

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Example IVR or Menu Prompt: "Welcome and thank you for calling (insert Company Name.)Please choose from the following options. To speak to a Sales Consultant, press 1; For our Service Department, press 2; For Accounts, press 3; for all other enquiries please stay on the line and one of our friendly staff will be with you shortly. To hear these choices again please press zero."