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The single most important reason for having On Hold Messages on your business telephone is to minimise callers hanging-up while they are waiting to speak to someone on the team! Especially if after they have hung-up on you they immediately call a rival company.

It happens all too often! But you can avoid the risk with a professionally produced program of On Hold Messages. The program will inform and entertain callers for the short time they stay on the line until someone on your team can speak with them.

On the phone, we have all been asked to "hold". Sometimes we are inflicted with those boring computer generated "chimes". We might have had to endure listening to a ghastly radio station. Or by far the worst case scenario, the dead silent treatment! "Hello, Hello are you still there?"

You don't like it. You know what a bad impression it gives you of the company. So don't do it to others. Especially regular clients and never to prospective new customers.

With a program of expertly written, professionally voiced On Hold Messages you are reducing caller hang-ups and projecting a positive image of your business. You are demonstrating to customers that "you care" about them and simultaneously promoting your products and services. You also have the opportunity to draw attention to a new product launch or send a festive season greeting.

The beauty of the telephone is it provides a cost effective opportunity for one-on-one communication with your customers. On Hold Messages are an ideal way to exploit this targeted medium.

When we supply On Hold Messages we do everything online. That means you can update the messages or add a new message at any time. It's easy and fast.

To update a message you just follow the prompts on the Media Group website.

If you have a script for the new message simply up-load it. To have our Copywriters prepare the script for you, you only need to upload the copy points. After the script is written we will send it to you for approval prior to recording.

We are a part of Media Group Pty Ltd, the business audio specialists, so we know it is very important to have On Hold Messages that are well written, professionally voiced and expertly produced.

Professional On Hold Messages will help you to maximise your telephone's communication capability.

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