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Phone Messages

An expertly written Welcome Message recorded by a professional voice over artist is a consistent and impressive way to greet callers to your business.

It instantly communicates your company's intentions to be regarded as a serious contender and demonstrates the importance you place on how the business is perceived.

A Welcome Message plays an important part in establishing the desired "first impression" you want for your company. Because first impressions count!

The Welcome Messages we produce are of the very best quality. We have a team of seasoned Copywriters who will create a script just for your company and a pool of professional voice over artists to record the script in our state of the art studios.

We will send the draft script for your approval and make any changes you request prior to going in to the studio.

You can go online to listen to samples of our voice over artists and choose the one you would like to record your Welcome Message.

To hear some samples read of our voice artists, click here.

When you give us the "OK" we will record the Welcome Message in our Gold Coast recording studio.

Your Welcome Message is a part of the Messages On Hold program but will be delivered as a separate file. Keeping the Welcome Message as an individual file makes it easy to update the message to add a season greeting or highlight a special event within the company.

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Sample copy for a typical Welcome Message: Welcome and thank you for calling (insert your Company Name and core product/service description or slogan) Please stay on the line and a member of our team will be with you shortly.

Example of a Welcome Message for Medical Services: Welcome and thank you for calling (here insert the name of the Doctor or Medical Centre) If this call concerns a medical emergency you are advised to hang up now and dial 000 to call an ambulance. If there is no immediate medical emergency, please stay on the line and a member of our team will be with you shortly.