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Copywriting is not something we all do naturally. So when you need a script written we have the solution.

As a part of Media Group Pty Ltd, the business audio specialists, we have a team of creative "guns for hire". Copywriters with years of experience working in all media and ready to tackle any writing challenge you bring to the table.

The art of scripting the spoken word differs widely from writing for print. Our Copywriters understand these differences and know how to achieve the results you desire.

Our writers are aware professional voice over artists communicate using unwritten techniques. Professional voice artists utilise their tone of voice, pauses, change of pace and inflections to convey meaning.

The knowledge of how the written word and spoken word differ is vital to the Copywriter's discipline. It can make a huge impact in the effectiveness of the communication.

If you need scripts written for radio, TV, the internet, telephone or any audio situation we have the Copywriters to complete the task.

You only need to forward a brief and we will reply with a draft script for you to review.

You or someone in your organisation may have already started writing. Send that along too as a part of your brief and we will see if we can incorporate any of the information in the first draft.

If you have scriptwriting to be done, don't procrastinate. We have the Copywriters to help you get it down on paper, so let's get started.

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