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After you have gone to great lengths to assemble a quality vision component for your Corporate Video, don't let the team down by marrying it to a shoddy audio track with a lousy voice over.

It's simple to find the right voice over. We invite you to go online and audition some of the hundreds of samples from our professional voice over artists.

To begin auditioning to those voice samples, click here.

When you have listened to the samples and selected a voice, then you can ask us to prepare an online quote. Again, this is an easy process too, just like listening to the voice samples because it all happens online.

To organise a no-obligation FREE QUOTE for the voice of your choice, click here.

After you have received the Free Quote and our price is within budget, you might still have some doubts about the voice being exactly right for the job. Don't be worried. To put your mind at ease, we will arrange for your chosen voice talent to record a FREE DEMO.

Simply send your script and we will have your preferred voice talent read a small section of the script. Then we will send you a link so you can go online and listen to the recording.

To have a FREE DEMO recording prepared by your chosen voice artist, click here.

We believe this is the most economical and fool-proof system to ensure you get the best voice for your Corporate Video. As a part of Media Group Pty Ltd, the business audio specialists, we don't leave anything to chance.

With the decision on the voice settled and the quote approved, and assuming everything is in order with your account, then it's time you gave the go ahead to record the full script.

We have our own studio on Queensland's Gold Coast where the recording will be assembled. You can attend the studio in person or to save on air fares and accommodation, you may choose to supervise the recording over the phone. We will organise a 3-way hook-up with yourself, the voice talent and our studio engineer. It's as good as being here only a lot less costly.

Alternatively and for your convenience you can brief one of our experienced Producers to supervise the recording on your behalf. This is the most cost effective way to do the recording.

When the voice recording session is complete we will choose the best takes to be compiled with any sound effects and tracks from our library of Royalty Free Music and create a finished mix. Then we will send you a link to download the final mix as an audio file in the format of your choosing.

To discuss the production method that best suits you and your budget and to talk about choosing the best voice for your video, click "Contact" on this page. Or start the discussion immediately by clicking the arrow labelled "Let's Talk".