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With television you can get away with a "crook" voice if the speaker is on camera. But when it comes to voice overs, that is when the speaker is not seen, it's absolutely vital to have a professional voice talent reading the script.

The challenge has always been to find the very best television voice over to suit the image on the screen. Today we've made that challenge a whole lot easier by providing the convenience of online auditioning.

Now at the click of a mouse you can listen to hundreds of samples recorded by our professional male and female voice artists.

You'll hear an amazing variety of voice artists and you're sure to hear something perfect for your next TV commercial. The samples cover all styles and include male and female voice artists of all ages; kids, teens adults and seniors.

To listen to samples of our Television Voice Over artists, click here.

Do you have a style of voice in mind or a certain kind of delivery? Perhaps you are looking for a traditional "hard sell" announcer. Or the soft sell of a perfume manufacturer. Maybe you prefer the mystery of a detective series or the dead-pan delivery of a reality show host?

After you decide on a particular voice talent you'll probably want to investigate the cost. No problem, simply request a quote and "presto" or perhaps that should be "clicko" and we will send it to you online.

To have a free quote sent online, click here.

When you have chosen the voice talent(s) and received the online quote you can now go one step further and ask for a FREE DEMO. The only restriction we make is that your script or number of scripts must be of a minimum 60 seconds in length.

Forward the script to us and we will arrange for have your chosen voice talent record a short section from the script. We will send a link to you so you can go online and hear the Free Demo.

To get a FREE DEMO recorded by the voice artist you have chosen, click here.

This is probably the most foolproof way to find the right Television Voice Over. It all happens online from listening to samples, making your choice then arranging a free quote. From there you may request a FREE DEMO where we will send you a link to listen to your chosen voice artist reading a section of your script.

We are a part of Media Group Pty Ltd, the business audio specialists, so we understand the need to get the right voice for your TV commercial. For that reason we endeavour to make the system as simple, fast and as convenient as possible.

Use the links on this page. Click to hear voice talent samples. Then click to arrange a free no obligation quote and click to request a FREE DEMO.